Scenic flight Neuschwanstein Castle

Biplane sightseeing flight along the famous romantic road with Forggensee lake and the German Alps  
Once airborne we turn south and shortly after the Auerberg mountain we´ll reach the untouched natural loops of the Lech river. At this point the Ammer mountain range will already be seen on the horizon.
Romantic road Germany with Wieskirche
Located at the foot of these mountains we overfly the famous place of pilgrimage called Wieskirche.
Then we follow the gentle ridges of the foothills, which guide us to the Tegelberg.
Now a magnificent view unveils stretching from the Zugspitze mountain next to the city of Garmisch over to the Lech valley until the Forggensee lake, but right below us we discover the highlight of our trip: The fairy-tale castle Neuschwanstein from King Ludwig II of Bavaria and of course as seen in the famous musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

South of us, beyond the massive dome shape of the Saeuling mountain, your eyes will catch sight of the highest summits of the German Alps.
  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle  Neuschwanstein
Biplane sceenic flight Neuschwanstein Castle   Sightseeing flight with great lake at Neuschwanstein Castle
Nostalgic flight at Fuessen along romantic road

The biplane now flies northbound and follows the famous romantic road at the Forggensee lake. After we pass the medieval town of Kaufbeuren, we continue along the Wertach river which leads us back to the airfield of Bad Woerishofen.

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Medieval town of Kaufbeuren