Antonov AN-2 specifications:

AN-2 biplane radial engine

Type of aircraft: Antonov AN-2 AN-2 russian instruments
Year:   1958
Wingspan: 18,18 m
Length: 12,74 m
Height in flight: 6,10 m
max. take-off weight: 5500 kg
Empty weight:   3632 kg
Engine: 9 cylinder radial engine
1000 hp, displacement 30 liters
Fuel tank capacity: 1200 liter
Fuel consumption:       150 - 200 l/hour
Cruising speed: ca. 180 km/h
Range: 1200 km
Persons on board:  max. 10

approximately 18,500 built since 1947, one of the safest aircraft in the world according to accident statistics

AN-2 luxury leather seats AN-2 manual work in the cockpit